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So what exactly IS "content management"? and how does it really benefit my business?

Timely. Cost-Effective. Efficient. Easy. Do these sound familiar? As a business, you can not afford to NOT update the content on your website, but these issues are always a primary concern.

So you find yourself with three choices;

One, you can try to find someone in house, that has the time to generate the content, then forward it off to your web developer and hope that your 1/2 hour update doesn't have to wait until the "big" projects get completed to find it's way to your website.

Two, you can forward all content to your company's webmaster (who is probably also your IT Support/Network Engineer/Help Desk) and hope they're not too swamped to update your timely press release.

Or Three, you can let us customize a content management solution SPECIFIC to your organizations' needs. This gives you the ability to delegate the role to authorized individuals within each department to create their own content and update the site.

The technical definition for Website content management is "a combination of formal, well-defined rules, processes and system architecture which allows Web authors, publishers and end-users within the organization to create, publish and manage all pertinent content of a Web page, such as text and graphics, and maintain the integrity of Web pages on a decentralized basis."

Definition for the rest of us: Content management makes the Web a tool that is manageable. Your website should evolve, grow, change with your business. An effective content management tool takes control out of the hands of techies and puts it into the hands of those who need it.

Advantage: Anytime, anywhere Web publishing. With Internet access, you could be sitting on a beach, or working from a remote office location, and still have the ability to update website content on the fly. Content management tools follow the trend of virtual offices... any authorized individual can handle publishing web pages or posting time-sensitive information to the web.

Advantage: Separation of content and the core website design. Have you ever tried to update your site, only to wipe out an entire section, or navigation? With a template based system such as ours, updates are made simple and fool-proof. Navigation is built dynamically, making errors almost non-existant, and safety-systems are in place to prevent deleting content and pages by accident.

Advantage: Additional security options are available, that allow authorized individuals to only add/edit/modify content, while the live site is only updated after an Administrative user approves the changes. With this same addon, site modifications can also be tracked and logged for audit purposes.

Advantage: Minimal learning curve. If you can do word processing and are comfortable with a web browser, you can do web publishing and content management.

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